Wheat Scam

130 lakh Qtl. Imported Wheat Unfit for Human Consumption. State Loss of Rs.27 Cr be recovered from Ministers

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Maharashtra Govt. Health Laboratory declared 130 lakh kilograms of red imported wheat unfit for human consumption.  The State Govt. is now forced to throw away all this infected wheat.  The cost of this imported wheat is about Rs.27 crores..  BJP leader, Dr. Kirit Somaiya has demanded that this loss of the State Exchequer should be recovered from Union Agriculture & Consumer Affairs Minister, Hon’ble Shri Sharad Pawar and State Public Distribution Minister, Shri Sunil Tatkare.  This loss is for 14 Districts only.  Reports and loss for remaining 17 Districts are yet to come.It may be noted here that BJP has been pursuing the issue of inferior quality of red imported wheat for the past 2 years.  The Congress-NCP Govt. went on importing inferior quality wheat at Rs.21 & 22 per kg.  The local farmers were paid Rs.7.50 per kg.  The Govt. under pressure from multinationals also lowered the quality norms of imported wheat.Dr. Somaiya took up the issue with Mumbai High Court and also at National and State Human Rights Commission.  Due to the intervention of the judiciary, State Govt. was forced to withdraw red imported wheat from ration shops from 1stNovember 2007.

State Health Laboratory till now has submitted reports of 14 districts of Maharashtra :



Total samples

Qty. of wheat  (quintals)

Analyzed Found unfit Lying in the Dist. Found unfit
1 Dhule





2 Raigad





3 Pune





4 Satara



       16971.00  16971.00
5 Ahmednagar





6 Ratnagiri





7 Thane





8 Nandurbar





9 Akola





10 Osmanabad





11 Sindhudurg





12 Hingoli





13 Sangali





14 Jalna





Press Secretary

Summary of Wheat Scam

Systematically, wheat surplus India is converted into wheat importing India by UPA Government.  Inefficiency, no/less procurement from Indian farmers resulted into artificial wheat shortage in Government godowns (for TPDS), creating a climate for import.  Non-transparency in the tendering process, quality compromise resulted into:

  • Import at Rs.18/- per kg.
  • Horrible quality of imported wheat.

The Wheat Scam may be summarized as follows :

  • 1999-2005 – Wheat surplus – resulting into export.
  • Normally, reasonable procurement upto 2005 – 157 lakh tons or so.
  • Manipulative non-procurement brought down the Government procurement to 92 lakh tons in 2006.
  • Manipulative reduced procurement in 2007 of only 110 lakh tons.
  • Wheat production remains steady/good at 690 lakh tons.  In spite of record production of 740 lakh tons in 2007, procurement only 110 lakh tons.
  • Projection of TPDS demand by the Government – 140 lakh tons, but actual distribution seems 110 lakh tons or so.
  • Indian farmers were offered Rs.6.50 per kg in 2006 and Rs.7.50 per kg in 2007.
  • Initially less MSP and subsequent late announcement of bonus helped private traders/MNCs to procure large quantity of wheat directly from the farmers.
  • Import price in 2006 was Rs.10.50 per kg (last tender) and in 2007 Rs.18 per kg (last tender).
  • First 2 tenders of 2006 found manipulative to facilitate Australian Wheat Board Company (single bid).
  • Terms and conditions about the quality of wheat were relaxed from Tender No.3/2006 to accommodate/facilitate MNCs like Glencore.
  • Glencore – MNC – has got 40% of the import order subsequently.
  • Agriculture and Food & Public Distribution Ministries relaxed import quality on the following conditions :

i)     Imported wheat shall not be taken to the wheat producing zone.

ii)    Imported wheat shall be distributed only in southern India and certain parts of Western India.

iii)   Imported wheat shall be distributed immediately to the ultimate customers.

  • The quantum of insecticides, pesticides were increased upto 10 times to keep the quality of wheat normal for few days.
  • No system is evolved to distribute the imported wheat within few weeks.  It takes 3 to 10 months to reach the ultimate customer.
  • The quality of imported wheat found very poor, infected with insects.  Lots of complaints received since November 2006 from public representatives, Government officials, State Governments.
  • About 275 samples from PDS shops, State Government godowns, FCI godown have been found unfit for human consumption by the Government laboratories.
  • Import order of Glencore at Rs.10.67 per kg was cancelled in a scandalous manner on 30th May 2007 and was subsequently given order at Rs.16 per kg.
  • (Glencore was given order at $ 385 per MT after scrapping its tender of $ 263 per MT).
  • Imported wheat is being forcibly distributed to the poor, Adivasis, Scheduled Tribe people under

i)     Antyodaya

ii)    Annapurna

iii)   Food for work

iv)   Below Poverty Line

v)    Midday Meal, etc.

  • Prices of good quality domestic/desi wheat has remained stable in India during 2006 and 2007 between Rs.10 to Rs.12 per kg.
  • Rs.4,000 crores have been paid more to the MNCs through import.

After BJP took up the issue, Government of India was compelled to raise the MSP from Rs.7.50 per kg (+ Re.1/- bonus) to Rs.10/-.

The same FCI, same Ministry, same Government, which in a manipulative manner had gone for minimum procurement from the Indian farmers –

i)     2006  –    90 lakh tons

ii)    2007  –  110 lakh tons

have been compelled for increasing MSP and healthy procurement.  The current year, i.e. 2008, procurement is more than 225 lakh tons.

It may be noted that, during the last 2 years, MNCs and big corporates were given free hand by the UPA to purchase wheat at minimum prices from the kisan.  This year their purchase seems to be minimum.

Notes about the horrible quality of red imported wheat–Maharashtra

  • 22nd January 2008 – Maharashtra State Public Health Laboratory, Pune, has given us the recent reports about the quality of red imported wheat lying in State Government godowns.  119 out of 124 samples have been found unfit for human consumption.
  • 285 of 682 samples were found unfit (October 2007).
  • Distribution of this red imported wheat has been stopped in Maharashtra from 1st November 2007 due to the intervention, instruction of Human Rights Commission.
  • 9th May 2008 – Maharashtra Government came out with GR asking the District Collectorates to dispose of this wheat in 3 weeks.
  • On the objection and action from BJP, District Collectorates were     forced to send red imported wheat samples to State Health Laboratory.
  • 124 samples from various Collectorates were sent to the State Health Laboratory, Pune, in and around 17th May to 31st May 2008.
  • 119 samples were found unfit for human consumption (from 124 samples).
  • State Health Director, in an interview to Zee TV yesterday (23rd June 2008), stated 97% of the samples were found unfit for human consumption.
  • BJP had demanded to destroy whole of 40,000 tons red imported wheat lying in the State Government godowns.


P.S. Documentary evidences are available for all the above points

23 June ’08 : Imported Wheat : 124 out of 119 Samples unfit for human consumption

The truth has come out.  The State Health Laboratory has now declared 96% of the red imported wheat lying in State Govt. godowns as “unfit for human consumption”.  Out of 124 samples submitted by various Tehsildars, District Collectorates, 119 were found unfit for human consumption.  116 of these samples have been collected and submitted to the State Health Laboratory during 17.5.2008 to 31.5.2008.  Civil Supplies Minister/Ministry order to sell, dispose of this wheat has come out on 9th May 2008.  These are the latest laboratory reports.  The samples have been collected by various Collectorates of Govt. of Maharashtra, have been sent through Govt. machinery to the State Health Laboratory, Pune.  This information has been given by the State Health Director to BJP leader, Dr. Kirit Somaiya in writing on Saturday, 21st June 2008. 

Dr. Somaiya has demanded explanation from the Congress-NCP Govt.  Govt. wants to sell this wheat to the bakery owners, which shall be used in the making of bread.  Dr. Somaiya stated that, in the background of the State Health Laboratory’s latest report on these samples collected last month, Shri Sunil Tatkare, Civil Supplies Minister should resign.  The Minister has asked to sell this wheat to the private traders.  In all there are 40,000 tons of infected, insect-infested imported wheat lying in various Govt. godowns.  Dr. Somaiya had demanded this should be destroyed and thrown to the dumping yard immediately. 

The State Govt. has issued a GR – Govt. Order – on 9th May 2008 asking all the Collectorates, District Supply Officers to dispose of red imported wheat lying in Govt. godowns within 3 weeks.  The State Civil Supplies Minister, Shri Sunil Tatkare has gone on record that large quantity of this wheat is fit for human consumption.  He also stated that open auction on ‘as it is where it is’ basis should be conducted immediately.  Govt. instructed the District Collectorates to sell this wheat to private traders, bakery owners at Rs.6.70 per kg. 

Dr. Kirit Somaiya visited Govt. godowns in 10 different districts of Maharashtra in the last 15 days, collected various samples through godown keepers.  He along with Shri Pandurang Phundkar, Leader of Opposition – Maharashtra Legislature, submitted these samples to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra on Wednesday, 18thJune 2008. 

Dr. Somaiya has moved a Special Application in the High Court urging the Court to ask the Govt. to withhold the sale of the infected, insect-infested imported wheat.  BJP has demanded withdrawal of 9th May GR.

18 June ’08 : CM concerned about Red Wheat : BJP submitted 10 samples of horrible Imported Red

Chief Minister, Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh, was shocked to see the quality of red imported wheat lying in Government godowns.  BJP delegation led by Leader of Opposition, Shri Pandurang Phundkar and Dr. Kirit Somaiya handed over 10 different samples of red wheat lying in various State Govt. godowns.  The samples were collected through the Govt. system along with panchnamas.  The Chief Minister assured to see that this horrible red wheat is not misused and does not reach wrong hands.  Samples were collected by Dr. Kirit Somaiya from 10 different districts including Akota, Buldhana, Pune, Raigad, Sindhudurg, Thane. 

BJP delegation included Shri Gopal Shetty, Shri Raj Purohit, Shri Sanjay Kelkar, Shri Atul Shah and Shri Manoj Kotak. 

BJP also produced documentary evidences about the quality of wheat and the manner in which disposal is carried on.  At many places, Godown Keeper and District Supply Officer are not undertaking fresh laboratory testing and report.  During their visits to the Govt. godowns, various District officials informed the BJP leader that the State Government, Mantralaya, is in a hurry to dispose of the wheat.  GR of 9th May 2008 categorically states that the wheat should be disposed of in 3 weeks as it is where it is, i.e. through open auction. 

BJP demanded : 


  1. Whole stock of red imported wheat is infected, infested with insects
  2. 40,000 tons are lying in Government godowns
  3. Entire stocks should be dumped
  4. 9th May Order to sell this wheat should be scrapped
  5. Protection of poor people, investigation and action.

BJP Raids Sindhudurg Godowns : Full Stock of 8404 Tons Unfit for Human/Animal Consumption

It is shocking that the wheat made available to the Bakery people for bread is fully contaminated.  BJP team led by Dr. Kirit Somaiya, Shri Ajitrao Gogte, MLA, paid surprise visit and obtained samples of all the red imported wheat lying at various Government godowns in Sindhudurg Dist.  BJP team visited Devgad and Vaibhavwadi godowns. 

Whole of the stocks of red imported wheat lying in these godowns found horrible and totally unfit for human consumption and even unfit for animal consumption.

The samples were obtained at Devgad godown from Godown Keeper, Shri K.G. Paradkar and Watchman, Shri S.Y. Mahadik.  Samples were obtained at Vaibhavwadi godown from Godown Keeper Shri Sharavankar and Ralpara (Supply) Inspector, Shri M.M. Shirsat.

The officials informally informed Dr. Somaiya that full quantity of 8404 tons is contaminated.  It is surprising that Government of Maharashtra has declared that 4626 tons of the above is fit for human consumption.  They are made available to bakers and flour mills on as it is where it is situation.

The Civil Supplies Minister, Shri Sunil Tatkare has publicly announced that out of 33,000 tons wheat lying in Government godowns, only 1,000 tons would be thrown in the dumping yard.  18,000 tons is available for human consumption and 14,000 tons for animal consumption.  BJP leader, Dr. Somaiya has challenged Shri Tatkare to show him a single kg. of red imported wheat in any of the State Govt. godowns fit for human consumption.  BJP says whole of the 33,000 tons has reached the horrible state and unfir for any use and should be thrown into the dumping yard.

A special application is filed before the Vacation Judge of the Mumbai High Court by Dr. Kirit Somaiya.  Chamber Summons are being issued by the Adv. Deepak Padwal and Senior Counsel, Adv. Rajiv Kumar is to request lthe High Court to issue directives to Government of Maharashtra to stop the sale of this horrible wheat.

Press Statement: 24 Jan ’08 : Wheat Scam: Govt. accepts 285 out of 682 samples contaminated

Latest communication from the Dy. Director of Health to Dr. Kirit Somaiya has come as a big shock.  The Dy. Director vide his letter of 23rd January 2008 informed BJP leader, Dr. Kirit Somaiya that out of 682 samples of red imported wheat received from various Districts in the State of Maharashtra, 285 samples have been found adulterated and unfit for human consumption.  That means 42% of the red imported wheat distributed and lying in State Govt. godowns has been found adulterated and not conforming to the standard of wheat fir for human consumption.Dr. Somaiya once again demanded immediate withdrawal of red imported wheat from all over Maharashtra and India .  BJP also demanded explanation from the State Civil Supplies Minister, Shri Sunil Tatkare and Union Food & Public Distribution Minister, Shri Sharad Pawar “how and why this red imported wheat got contaminated?”The Dy. Director has stated that

“Out of 682 sample analysed 285 samples were found adulterated and not comfirming to standards of wheat as per PFA Rules, 1955.  Most of the adulterated samples were found insect damaged and/or insect infected and Uric acid content more due to presence of living and/or dead insects.  The reports of analysis are sent to respective authorities in due course of time.

The permissible limit for weevilled grains and uric acid content in wheat sample under the provisions of PFA Rules 1955, are maximum 10% (by count) and maximum 100 mg/kg respectively.”

Wheat Scam : Import of Wheat at Rs.18.51 per kg.


Only UPA-Congress Govt. and Food & Agriculture Minister, Shri Sharad Pawar can do this.  Now going to place import order for 2,650 lakh kgs. of red wheat at the rate of Rs.18.51 per kg..  Transportation cost of Rs.2/- shall make this red imported wheat available in Gujarat, Maharashtra, southern parts of Madhya Pradesh at Rs.20.50 per kg.  BJP leader, Dr. Kirit Somaiya strongly condemned the high handed behaviour of the UPA Govt. of paying Rs.8/- to Indian farmers and continuing to pay higher and higher rate to multi-nationals like Glencore, Cargil and Toepfer. 

STC/Govt. of India have received offer from Glencore and Cargil, multi nationals, to supply 2,55,000 tons wheat at Rs.18.51 per kg. while the mischievous offer from Toepfer for 55 lakh tons is Rs.23/- per kg (besides Rs.2/- per kg transportation cost).

It may be noted that India, i.e. UPA Govt. restarted import in 2006.  There was no import of wheat from 1999 till May 2006.

Almost 50% of the wheat import order of 75 lakh tons has gone to Glencore alone.  Dr. Somaiya stated that the farmers and the common man will teach proper lesson to the UPA Govt. for facilitating 3 major MNCs at the cost of poor Indian farmers.

Wheat Scam: HC Orders State & Central Govt. to Submit Replies

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State and Central Governments, Food Corporation of India and other Respondents have been issued directive today by Mumbai High Court to submit their replies in writing within 2 weeks.  During the hearing of the Petition filed by BJP leader, ex Member of Parliament Dr. Kirit Somaiya, on wheat scam, Bench of Shri Justice J.N. Patel & Smt. Justice Nishita Mhatre issued this directive.


When Senior Counsel, Adv. Rajeev Kumar, on behalf of Dr. Somaiya, drew the attention of the Hon’ble Court about the distribution of rotten red wheat, State Government lawyer informed the Court that the distribution of the same has been stopped.


At that time, Justice Patel questioned what will the State Government do with this wheat, how the wheat will be disposed of?  He further enquired whether this wheat has been distributed all over the country.

Press Statement : 20 Nov 07 : ‘Wheat Import Scam : BJP Leaders File Petition

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274-page Public Interest Petition was filed by BJP leaders and former MPs – Dr. Kirit Somaiya and Shri Chintaman Wanga at the Bombay High Court today.  Govt. of India, Agriculture, Food & Public Distribution Minister, Shri Sharad Pawar and 8 others have been made Respondents.  The Petitioners have demanded full-fledged inquiry, investigation and action on wheat import scam.

The Petitioners have given full details along with documentary evidences about the contradictory statements, conflicting actions of the Government of India with regard to wheat import.  The Government has procured more than 150 lakh tons of wheat in 2002, 2003, 2004.  The Petitioners charged that, in a manipulative manner, Food & Public Distribution Ministry and the UPA Govt. have procured only 92 lakh tons in 2006 and 110 lakh tons in 2007.  2007 has witnessed record wheat production of 748 lakh tons.

The Petitioners have prayed to the Court to ask for the full details about procurement process, import tendering process and the compromise made regarding quality.  The Petitioners have prayed to the Court to ask the Government to give details about the CBI official complaint about the kickback in wheat import.

The Petitioners also urged the Hon’ble Court to appoint an independent committee to go into the details about wheat import scam.  Rs.4,000 crores additional burden to the Government exchequer.  Indian farmers have been paid Rs.6.50 per kg in 2006 and Rs.7.50 in 2007.  Simultaneously, wheat was imported at Rs.10.50 in 2006 and Rs.16/- to Rs.20/- per kg in 2007.

The Petitioner has drawn the attention of the Court that once again Govt. of India is going ahead with 10 lakh tons import, which shall cost Rs.18/- to Rs.20/- per kg.  Similar quality of wheat is available in the Indian market at Rs.9/- to Rs/10/- per kg.

The Petitioner has also drawn the attention of the Court regarding distribution of rotten and inferior quality of wheat under PDS and various social welfare schemes.  Adv. Deepak Padwal has filed the Petition on behalf of the Petitioners.  Senior Counsel, Shri Rajeev Kumar will appear on behalf of the Petitioners, which is likely to be taken up next week.

Petition filed with Mumbai High Court on 20.10.07

Press Statement issued on 14 November 07 on ‘Wheat Scam : Red Imported Wheat Distribution Withdrawn : Directives at Human Rights Commission

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Govt of Maharashtra has to announce withdrawal of Red Imported Wheat from whole over Maharashtra. At the hearing of Petition of BJP Leader Dr Kirit Somaiya at Human right Commission, Chairman Hon Justice Khsitij Vyas questioned the quality of wheat distributed through PDS & Social Welfare Schemes in Maharashtra.. All 10 samples which were sent by the commission for laboratory testing found horrible & not fit for human consumption. It may be noted that the Petitioners had collected these samples from Tehsildars & Godown Keepers in October 2007.

These samples were found not only Unfit for Human Consumption but dangerous to the Heath of the Poor Persons also. The content of Uric Acid were found from 129 to 1200 mg/kg in various sample. Maximum 100 mg/kg allowed as per govt norms. The bacteria content also found at dangerous level. 

Principal Secretary Civil Supply Shri K P Bakshi accepted the defects and agreed to stop sale of red imported wheat hence forth in Maharashtra. It was stated at the Commission 

1)  Stop sale & distribution of red imported wheat in Maharashtra

2)  Seizing the 33000 MT of red imported wheat lying at various godowns

3)  To return these 33000 MT wheat to Govt of India

4)  Only Deshi & White wheat shall be distributed hence forth in Maharashtra

5)  Proper testing & checking of wheat shall be done hence forth

6)  These applies to all schemes PDS, Ration Shops, BPL, Antyodaya, Annapoorna, Sampoorna Gramin Rojgar Yojana, Aadivasi Schemes

Advocate of Petitioner Adv Dipak Padwal strongly exposed the Govt distribution of Rotten, Infected with Insect Wheat to the Poor People. Petitioner Dr Kirit Somaiya has announced that it the Govt of India Food & Public Distribution Ministry who have compromised the quality to help the Importers. After exposing the Governments now he is going to expose the Rs 3000 Crores Import Scam. A PIL will be filled when the Court opens after Diwali Vacation. 

The lab report says “Blackish Muddy Wheat inorganic dust, living & dead insect in abundant and weebiled grains seen in abundant”.  “The samples of wheat does not confirm to the standards of wheat PFA Rule of 1955 and are unfit for human consumption.”  The lab report of 8.11.2007 (produced at Human Rights Commission hearing on today 14.11.2007).

Press Statement issued on 12 November 07 on ‘Wheat Scam :

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It is coming out now.  The District Civil Supply Officers are now slowly and steadily accepting the the fact of inferior quality of red imported wheat.  Officials have now started issuing clarification that it is being distributed under : 

►  Samporna Gramin Rozgar Yojana    ►  BPL, Adivasi Social Welfare Schemes 

Ratnagiri Collectorate has informed BJP leader, Dr. Kirit Somaiya that the inferior quality wheat, which was found by the BJP team at the Government godown at Dapoli belongs to the above Schemes. 

The Collectorate agrees that the quality might have deteriorated as it is lying in the godown since long.  The Additional Collector further accepted that steps are being taken to distribute some good quality wheat under the Public Distribution System. 

The District Civil Supply Officer of Thane District has accepted that the inferior quality of red imported wheat belongs to Sampoorna Gramin Rozgar Yojana.  It is lying in the State Government godowns.  Now in October, they have stopped the distribution of this wheat further. 

BJP leader, Dr. Kirit Somaiya once again appealed to the State Government to stop distribution of this horrible quality of red imported wheat to the poor people.  1,10,000 tons of such wheat has been taken by the State Govt. from FCI since February 2007.  It may be noted that 229 samples, which were found by the Government laboratory belongs to this consignment of 1,10,000 tons. 

The Food & Public Distribution Ministry of Govt. of India actually pressurized Govt. of Maharashtra to take delivery of 1,10,000 tons of this horrible quality wheat.  Actually, open tenders were floated for Open Market sale by Govt. of India and Maharashtra Govt. in February/March 2007.  Both the Governments approached and pursued with the Maharashtra Roller Flour Mills Association, Maharashtra Cooperative Marketing Federation, Mumbai Bakers Association, Rationing Controllers of Mumbai and Thane and other regions.  The Governments also approached various cooperative societies to purchase this horrible quality wheat.  Govt. of Maharashtra also allotted 40,205 tons of this wheat to 34 District Collectorates of Maharashtra.  All of them rejected the Government offer. 

Dr. Somaiya once again charged the Congress-NCP Government that this horrible infected wheat was put in circulation from the backdoor in Maharashtra.  This is being distributed for the following schemes  

1.Sampoorna Gramin Rozgar Yojana     4. Annapurna

2.BPL                                            5. Food for work

3.Antyodaya                                  6. Adivasis

Press Secretary

Further Import at Rs.18 Now

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The Congress-NCP Govt. is continuing its import scam.  10 lac tons of wheat is being ordered to be imported.  It will be imported at Rs.18 and more.  This is nothing but part of the Rs.3,000 crore wheat import scam, charged BJP leader, Dr. Kirit Somaiya. 

It is understood that the Government has already asked the STC and other agencies to initiate the import process.  Tenders are being invited. 

Govt. of India is going to pay Rs.1,000 crores more to the foreign MNCs.  It has paid on an average Rs.8/- to Indian farmers to purchase better quali9ty of wheat till June 2007.  The MNCs, which are going to supply imported wheat at Rs.18/- have also purchased better quality wheat from the Indian farmers at less than Rs.9/- per kg.   If Govt. of India would have purchased 10 lac tons wheat from Indian farmers, it would have been required to pay Rs.800 crores.  Now it is going to pay Rs.1,800 crores to foreign MNCs to buy 10 lac tons. 

BJP once again demanded CBI investigation of the wheat import scam.

Press Statement issued with Photographs on 2 November 07 on ‘Wheat Scam

Rotten, horrible red imported wheat is being sold in Shri Sharad Pawar’s Baramati Constituency also. BJP leader, Dr. Kirit Somaiya today paid surprise visit to Pune District. The rotten wheat is distributed forcibly by the shopkeepers at Pimpalgaon, Pimpri, Chinchwad and various parts of Pune District.Today morning, Dr. Kirit Somaiya along with his colleagues, visited various shops and poor people in Pimpri Chinchwad, which is part of Shri Sharad Pawar’s Baramati Constituency. The wheat found to be rotten, insect-infected is being given through PDS shops under Antyodaya, BPL and Annapurna schemes. Dr. Somaiya has obtained sealed samples from the shopkeepers, performed panchnama. One sample is being sent for laboratory testing.

BJP has now collected samples from 20 different shops and godowns throughout Maharashtra, which includes Adivasi region of Melghat, Vikramgadh, Javahar, Nandurbhar, Dhule, rural areas of Sawantwadi, Banda, Sindhudurg, Dapoli, urban areas of Mumbai, Thane, Malkapur. 20 such sealed samples along panchnama have been delivered to the Government authorities.

Dr. Somaiya once again demanded immediate withdrawal of the red imported wheat from circulation.

It may be noted that Human Rights Commission has ordered to Government of Maharashtra for laboratory testing of 10 such samples of godowns and shops. The Government has to submit the laboratory report by 14th November.

‘Is CBI Investigating Wheat Imports from Australian Company?’

It is unique that on one side CBI is continuing the inquiry against Australian Wheat Board. Simultaneously, the Food & Public Distribution Ministry and STC are contracting the Australian Wheat Board companies for wheat import in India. It may be noted that similar type of wheat import scam took place in early 1998 during the Congress-supported I.K. Gujral’s regime. 15 lakh metric tons of wheat was imported from Australia through the Australian Wheat Board. Subsequently, the information about the kickback paid to Indian officials came out. After registering preliminary enquiry, CBI also registered a regular criminal case. According to the CBI, about Rs.11 crores kickback/commission was paid into the unnamed bank account. CBI in its report noted that the Australian Wheat Board has consistently remained non-cooperative.

CBI, vide its letter dated 5th June 2006 to the Indian High Commission in Australia, urged to pursue with the Australian authorities to cooperate and furnish necessary information and authenticated documents to the CBI.

This is the same company which was facilitated by the Congress Government in 2006. The first import tender of 10th February 2006 was nothing but facilitation to the Australian Government. The tender went to AWC to import 5 lakh tons wheat. It is also discussed subsequently that the tender contained some conditions which was purely to facilitate the Australian company.

BJP leader Dr. Kirit Somaiya demanded that the Government declare, “Is it true that it was a single bid tender? Is it true that, due to the objection raised from various sections, the tenders were modified which allowed other companies to bid?

BJP questioned how the Government accommodated the same firm against whom CBI has passed strictures. BJP also demanded that the Government should disclose all the transactions, information, complaint, investigation against the Australian Wheat Board.

It may be noted here that the wheat import in India has taken place only during the Congress or Congres-supported regime.

Press Statement issued with Photographs on 26 October 07 on ‘Wheat Scam : Rotten, infected imported wheat sold in Melghat Adivasi Belt also

Melghat, the Adivasi belt of Amravati, Maharashtra, known for malnutrition, is now facing another problem. The rotten, insect infected red imported wheat is forcibly sold to the poor Adivasis of Melghat by the Union and State Governments. BJP leaders paid surprise visit yesterday (25.10.2007) to Melghat region. They were shocked to see the horrible status of 800 bags of red imported wheat lying in the State Govt. godown of Shahpur, Chakaldhara of Melghat region. More than 3,00,000 kgs of such wheat is already forcibly sold to the Adivasis in the last few months.BJP leader, Dr. Kirit Somaiya, along with Shri Sanjay Dhotre, MP and Shri Rajkumar Patel, MLA, visited the area of Melghat. Sealed samples of such wheat were taken in the presence of Naib Tehsildar, Shri R.S. Nimbekar and the godown keeper Shri Shankar Bachle. The official informed BJP leaders that the quality of red imported wheat is very poor. It has been distributed for various State and Central Government schemes to BPL and Scheduled Tribes.

BJP leader, Dr. Kirit Somaiya has announced that they will submit 10 such different samples of rural and Adivasi areas to the Human Rights Commission during the hearing of 31st October 2007.

Other Document

Press Statement 31 August 07-‘Thousands Crores Hedging Scam

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The UPA Govt. itself confirmed “Wheat Import Scam is Wheat Hedging Scam”.  Govt. owned PSU Project Engineering Corporation has tendered 50,000 tonnes of imported wheat @ $385 i.e. Rs.15.75 per kg against the price of $435 i.e. Rs. 17.75 per kg offered by MNC’s such as Cargil.

The “Wheat Import Scam” will now cost govt. more than Rs.3000 crores, charged BJP leader Dr. Kirit Somaiya.  BJP has questioned the “Philosophy” of Congress – UPA Govt. of paying Rs.17.75 per kg for inferior quality of wheat against Rs.7.50 per kg paid to Indian Farmers.

PEC official stated that “we have managed to offer chaeaper wheat than the MNCs because of our positions on Chicago Board of Trade.  We have wheat cheaper than what Cargill is offering to STC because of the timing of our positions.  Since we bought positions when wheat was cheaper we have an immediate advantage.”

In May end the MNC’s had quoted $267 i.e. Rs.10.67 per kg.  Food & Public Distribution & Consumer Affair Ministry rejected the offer with reason that “To pay Rs.10.67 per kg will result into discontent among the domestic farmers as they have been offered Rs.7.50 per kg only.

BJP charged that the UPA Govt. particularly Food, Civil Supply & Consumer Ministry has given ‘opportunity’ to MNC’s & Corporates to hedge wheat a cheaper rate at Chicago Commodity Exchange (CBOT) and now sale the same to Govt. at “Double Rate”.

It is understood that the Import Prices shall be finalised and order will be issued at such higher price on 3rd September. It is unique that the Wheat Crop has gone up from 75 million MT against 69 million MT of previous year. BJP once again demands CBI investigation of ‘Wheat Scam’.

Prices of Present Import – STC

Sr. No.

MNC /Company

Quantity Offered (MT)


Dollar per MT

Rs. per kg


Project Engineering Corporation (PSU)





Glencore (MNC)























6 MNCs /Companies

5.3 Lakh

385 to 434

15.78 to 17.80

  1. STC – i.e. Govt. to issue import order on 3 September for 5.3 Ton @ Rs.17 per kg (Average price)
  2.  Indian farmers were given Rs.8.50 per kg.  Domestic Retail Price of good quality is Rs.12 per kg.
  3.  2006-07 – 50 lac tones imported @ Rs.8.40 per kg.

Press Statement 13 Sept 07-‘Wheat Scam – BJP’s Ten Questions to Pawar

Letter of CVC

Click here for Marathi

It is now proved that in couple of days after canceling the Wheat Import Order of Rs.10.67 per kg, the Congress-UPA govt. immediately placed order at rate of Rs.13.67 for the inferior quality of imported wheat.  The excuses given by Mr. Sharad Pawar that Chicago Commodity Exchange and Food Council gave such advise is totally misleading charged BJP leader Dr. Kirit Somaiya, Ex-Member of Parliament.

Dr. Somaiya challenged the Ministry to produce all such reports, govt. noting.  Mr. Somaiya also questioned who has taken the final decision?  The Ministry or the Minister?

It is interesting that govt. cancelled the Import Order of $267 in June’07, immediately issued instructions to STC to go for Fresh Tender.  The new tender issued on 26 June’07.  Order issued at $325 for the same conditions.

Dr. Somaiya also challenged the govt. to disclose the names, terms, rates, quantity offered by the bidders of all the Tenders, Import Orders of 2007.  The same MNCs applied for the similar terms in all different tenders.

Shockingly, govt. has paid twice, almost double amount to same MNCs in same year 2007.  Early 2007 rates were Rs.8 to Rs.9 and the present tender price is Rs.16/-

In retail in India, the customer is getting wheat at rate of Rs.10/- per kg.  Then why govt. is paying Rs.16 + Rs.2 (transportation) i.e. Rs.18/- per kg. for imported wheat?

BJP challenges Mr. Pawar to debate on following questions:

1.     Who will pay additional cost of hundreds crores?  Minister, Ministry or Tax Payers?

2.     Who are the beneficiaries of thousands crores Import Scam?

3.     Is it true Indian farmers get Rs.8/- and Foreigners Rs.16/- per kg ?

4.     Why import at rate of Rs.16/- when retail price is Rs.10/- in India?

5.     Why import if production increased from 69 million to 75 million?

6.     Why procurement came down from 161 million to 92 million?

7.     Is it true the same MNCs, Cargil, Glancore….. purchased better quality of wheat at rate of Rs.8 to Rs.9 from India even in last quarter?

8.     Are the Bidders, Terms & Conditions same in various Import Tenders of 2007?

9.     Is it true that PEC (PSU) offered and has / taken import position at Chicago Exchange?

10.Is it true that NAFED offered better quality of Indian Wheat at less than Rs.11/-  kg?

The Chief Vigilance Commissioner has registered Dr. Kirit Somaiya’s complaint on Wheat Scam as Complaint No. 889/07/07 of 3rd Sept. 2007. CVC has sent it to ‘The Secretary Dept of Food & Public Distribution for the Report on the Complaint.’ CVC informed Dr Somaiya that ‘On Receipt of the Report the Commission would examine the matter for appropriate action’.

Press Secretary

Press Statement issued on 24 September 07 on ‘Wheat Scam : Imported Wheat not fit for human consumption

 Click here for CVC Report

Click here for Marathi

The Public Health Laboratory of Government of Maharashtra has declared wheat distributed under Public Distribution System as “NOT FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION”.  Dr. Kirit Somaiya, BJP leader, has obtained reports of the Government laboratory under the Right to Information Act.  The Government Laboratory categorically stated that out of 265 samples made available to them, 229 samples of wheat do not conform to the standard of wheat as per the Health Services Act/Rules of 1955.  It is not fit for human consumption.  The Government Laboratory stated “fungal growth affected whole wheat grains”.

BJP leaders Shri Nitin Gadkari and Dr. Kirit Somaiya today demanded criminal action against Government authorities for distributing such inferior quality of wheat under the various social welfare schemes to the Scheduled Tribe, Food for Work programmes and the Below Poverty Schemes of Antyodaya, Annapurna, etc.  Foreign countries use this type of wheat for cattle feed.  BJP demanded immediate withdrawal of such type of inferior imported wheat from the system.

BJP obtained official correspondence of the Civil Supply Ministry of Maharashtra.  It is shocking that, in the month of April 2007, Mumbai Division has intimated the Government that “as 229 of 265 wheat samples are not as per PFA Standards, distribution should be stopped immediately”.  The Civil Supplies Ministry issued directives to stop the sale of such inferior quality of imported wheat from Mumbai & Thane Region.

It is shocking that Government continued to sell and distribute the same under the abovementioned welfare schemes to the poor people.




The Chief Vigilance Commission has started inquiry on Dr. Kirit Somaiya’s Complaint No.889/07/7 of 20th August 2007.  The Chief Vigilance Commissioner had sent the complaint for investigation and report to the Chief Vigilance Officer on 24th August.  The CVO sent the complaint to the Food Ministry to submit a detailed report and response to the observations in the complaint.  It is understood that the Ministry has submitted its report to the CVC, which is currently under study.  The Chief Vigilance Officer, after detailed study, will submit is recommendation and report to the Chief Vigilance Commissioner.

Dr. Kirit Somaiya will be submitting further documentary evidences to the CVC at Delhi on Friday, 28th September.

Summary of ‘WHEAT SCAM






1 August 2007 Tender No 3/ 2007-08 Import Order of 7.5 lakh ton at Rs.16 The tender issued for 5 lakh tons. Bidders (final bidder) were asked to double the quantity
2 February 2006 Tender No.1/2006 to import wheat First time in several years India started importing wheat.  Congress-NCP-UPA Govt. started “Import ka dhanda” (Import Business)
3 2001 to 2005 Export of Wheat 124,00,000 tons of wheat was exported.  Abundant stock.  Export continued even after Congress Govt. was formed.
4 2003-04 140 days buffer stock Proper procurement, healthy stock was the strategy of BJP-NDA Govt.
5 2004-07 Increase in wheat production Wheat production increased rapidly from 69 million tons to 75 million tons during the last 2 years.
6 2003-07 Wheat procurement brought down suspiciously Govt Procurement of wheat came down from 16.80 million tons (2003-04) to 9.22 million tons in 2005-06.
7 2005-07 Manipulation in procurement to reduce Govt. stock Though production has gone up from 69 million tons to 75 million tons, procurement is 110 million tons only.
8 2005-07 Pre decided import at higher rates, process started in December 2005 Process of import of wheat started well before beginning of the season-/ procurement process. Decision to import was taken in 2005 (at the end)
9 2007 Pre decided Import Govt announced on 19 March to import 30 lacs ton. Wheat season-procurement ends in April & May.
10 2006-07 Inferior quality of imported wheat (wheat for cattle feed) Maharashtra Govt. Laboratory declared 229 samples out of 265 (samples taken by Government Inspectors in Mumbai & Thane Region) unfit for human consumption.
11 2005-07 Govt. relaxed the norms and quality specifications of wheat Buckling under pressure of foreign lobbies/ MNC’s, Govt. relaxed the quality norms
12 2006 and 2007 Red carpet for MNCs and Corporates MNCs & Corporates purchased lakhs of tons of wheat from Indian farmers @ Rs.7 to 8 in 2006 and Rs.8 to 9 in 2007.
13 2007 MNC enjoys Manmohan’s Economics MNCs purchased from Indian farmers at Rs.8 and sold at Rs.16 to Govt. of India
14 2006-07 Govt. facilitating MNCs/Corporates Relaxation, exemption given under Essential Commodities Act.  Only informal returns are to be submitted about the quantity purchased from the Indian market.
15 2006 & 2007 Facilitating MNCs/Corporates FCI making available godowns to MNCs & Corporates?
16 2005-2007 Late declaration of MSP Situation created to force farmers to dispose of their stock-harvest to MNC & Corporates. MSP declared late, well after season is over
17 2000 to 2007 No shortage of wheat in India In spite of no shortage, Government is imports wheat of thousands of crores
18 2005-07 Retail Price

According to Govt. Retail Price of Wheat remain same i.e. between Rs 9 & Rs 10 in 2006 & 2007

19 June 2007 Cancellation of Tender No.1/2007-08 in suspicious manner Govt. cancelled Tender No.1 of Rs.10.67 and placed order at Rs.13.67 for Tender No.2 ( Issued in the same month, i.e. June 2007).
20 2006 & 2007 Functioning of Group of Ministers Food & Agriculture Minister attends International Cricket Board meetings for sponsorship instead of meeting of Group of Ministers on wheat ?
21 2006 & 2007 Non-transparency Decisions of Group of Ministers leaked and changed for unknown reason
22 Sept 2007 Offer of NAFED NAFED offered Govt to supply good quality of Indian wheat at Rs.10.67
23 Jan 2007to

Sept. 2007

Non-transparent manipulative announcement of the Govt. Various announcements starting from Jan. 2007 that India will export, Bumper Harvest, No need to Import, domestic purchase etc-full of contradiction, manipulative to push import rates.

Letter written to Central Vigilance Commission in the matter of Investigation into ‘Wheat Import

Dr.Kirit Somaiya

               B. Com., F.C.A. Ph. D

Ex-Member of Parliament


KS/WHEAT/CVC/540/07                                                                                           September 25, 2007



Shri Pratyush Sinha                       /    Shri Surendra Kumar

Central Vigilance Commissioner            Vigilance Commissioner

Satarkata Bhawan,  GPO Complex, Block-A, INA

New Delhi – 110023



Ref : Our Complaint No.889/07/7 of 20th August 2007


Sub: Investigation into Wheat Import, Procurement, Purchase

         By MNCs, etc.



Dear Sir,


Further to our previous representation, we would like to submit to you further information, documents in support of our complaint.


The Wheat Import Scam is not limited to the manipulation of May/June 2007, i.e. Tender No.1/2007-08.  It is a pre-planned strategy to import.  In both the years 2006 & 2007, Government decided and started the process well before the wheat goes to the market, procurement season starts.  Wheat comes in the market in March and April.  Government came out with the first Tender in February 2006.  In 2007, the Government announces the decision to import 3 million tons wheat on 19th March 2007.  The delivery of the wheat of February 2006 Tender was well after the procurement season was over, i.e. May/June 2006.


The experts opined that buffer stock is just an excuse.  Government wanted import and created such an atmosphere.


1.    Inferior quality of Imported Wheat


After receiving several complaints, Government of Maharashtra sent 265 samples of imported wheat to the Government Laboratory.  229 samples were found “not fit for human consumption” – Annexure 1 (we obtained this information under RTI).


2.    Maharashtra Government stopped distribution of imported wheat


Civil Supply Ministry, Maharashtra, had issued instructions not to sell this wheat in OMS in Mumbai and Thane Region (under PDS) only – Annexure 2(i).


But such horrible wheat is being distributed, sold under various welfare schemes in other parts of Maharashtra : – Annexure 2(ii) & 2(iii)


●  Antyodaya, Annapurna, BPL

●  Mid-day Meal

●  Food for Work

●  Welfare Scheme for Scheduled Tribe.


3.    Strictures passed by Commission for Agricultural Costs & Prices on late

       declaration of MSP


The Commission for Agricultural Costs & Prices, in its Report on “Price Policy for Rabi Crop of 2006-07 Season” (July 2006) in Para 2.17 categorically stated that late declaration of MSP + bonus forced farmers to dispose of their crops to private Corporates/MNCs – Annexure 3.


The Government acted as a facilitator to private Corporates and MNCs to get wheat at cheaper prices from farmers.


4.    2007-08 Season MSP


It is understood that the report of the Commission for Agricultural Costs & Prices

on Price Policy for Rabi Crop for 2007-08 Season is not accepted, published by the Government till now.  MSP is to be announced in September.


It is understood that 2007-08 season MSP of Rs.7.50/kg was declared in September 2006 but the bonus of Re.1/- was declared at the end of March 2007.


In Gujarat, Maharashtra, wheat enters the market in February and early March.  In Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan in the second half of March.


The market sources informed us that late declaration of bonus has facilitated the MNCs, Corporates and private players.  Till end March, Government MSP was treated as Rs.7.50.  Private players captured large quantities at the rate of Rs.7.75 to Rs.8.75.


5.    PEC Limited (PSU) Import Offer rejected


PEC Limited, a Govt. PSU, is involved in import/export trading.  PEC has confirmed to us that their tender of less price, i.e. $393/- (Tender No.3 of 2007-08) was rejected by STC and Food Ministry.


At the same time, Government accepted the offer of MNCs at $397/-and doubled the

quantity – Annexure 4 & 5.


6.    Quantity doubled for imported wheat at Rs.16/- when domestic price dipped

       below Rs.10/-


In Tender No.3/2007-08 of August 2007, MNCs offered wheat at prices between $385 and $397.  The Tender was originally scheduled for 5,00,000 tons.  MNCs Glencore, Toepfer, etc. actually doubled the quantity at Rs.16 per kg.


It is surprising that, at the same time, domestic prices dipped significantly by Rs.400 per MT at Delhi Mandi – Annexure 6.


7.    NAFED Offer


NAFED offered to supply 1,10,000 tons of good quality Indian wheat at Rs.10.67 to the Food Ministry/FCI.


If NAFED could offer domestic good quality wheat at such a price, why FCI, Government could not procure/purchase Indian wheat at lesser price and went for imported wheat at Rs.16 + Rs.2 internal transportation cost, i.e. Rs.18/kg.


8.    Quality/Specifications diluted heavily


It is understood that quality/specification, which was discussed and fixed at the end of 2005 to import wheat was relaxed continuously from tender to tender under pressure of foreign lobbies.

The specification, condition of Tender No.1 of 2006 may be compared with Tender No.3 of 2007-08 –Annexure 7 & 8.


9.    Ministry’s communication accepting discrepancies


In its 16-page letter of clarification, the Government accepted the blunder, discrepancies and stated that it happened due to ill-advice of officials – Annexure 9.

The letter is full of contradiction.


10.  Government’s manipulative announcement regarding Import/Export


        (i)    February 2007 –      The Minister for Food & Agriculture announced in

                                          February 2007, “Government will go for export of wheat if

the production crosses 72.5 million tons”  –  Annexdure 10(i)


(ii)   Mid-Feb. 2007  –    Government releases wheat from buffer stock from FCI

godowns (from the procurement) for open market sale.

In response to Lok Sabha Unstarred Question No.74 on

26.2.07, Govt. intimated of releasing 4 lakh MT wheat under

Open Market Sale Scheme – Annexure 10(ii).


(iii)Second half of March 2007 – Pre-planned Import : In response to Lok Sabha

Starred Question No.286 on 19.3.2007, the Govt.

announced of importing 3 million tons of wheat if required.

Such type of statement was made at the beginning of the

procurement season – Annexure 10(iii).


(iv)April 2007 – Govt. decided Import Action Plan : It is unique that

Government/EGOM took decision to import 5,00,000 tons of

wheat in April 2007 when the procurement season was not

over – Annexure 10(iv).


(v) 1st wk of Sept. 2007 – Doubling the Import Order at Rs.16/- (highest price):

The Govt. asked the bidders of Tender No.3 of 2007-08 to

supply double the quantity of wheat at Rs.16/- – Annexure



(vi)2nd wk of Sept.2007 – Not to import :  In the second week of September 2007,

the Government came out with various clarifications, multiple

announcements –

(a)     Not to import

(b)     Govt. feels stock enough

– Annexure 10(vi)

(vii)3rd wk of Sept.2007 – Slow down of Import : In the third week of September

2007, Food Minister stated (quoted by the Press) to slow down

the import of wheat.

– Annexure 10(vii)


(viii)Mid-Sept.2007 – Conflict in Ministries : Internal conflict within the Govt.

among Food and Commerce Ministries is coming out –

Annexure 10(viii).

Commerce Ministry passing observation regarding inept,

inefficient handling and goofting up by Food Ministry to import

wheat, asking the import of wheat be given to Commerce

Ministry instead of Food Ministry. – Annexure 10(viii)


11.  Conflicting/contradictary decisions by Ministers


It is understood that the senior Ministers in the Government are not only making conflicting/contradictary views in the Press but also changing decisions taken by EGOM/Government – Annexure 11.


It is stated that EGOM decided to go for domestic tender.  It was subsequently got

cancelled by the Food Minister by approaching (with the help of) Prime Minister.


12.  EGOM and Food & Agriculture Minister


Presently all the concerned Ministries – Agriculture, Food, Public Distribution and Consumer Affairs Ministries – are headed by one and the same Cabinet Minister.


It is understood that the EGOM held meeting, decisions taken in the absence of this important Minister.  Whether the Minister is not able to attend the EGOM (due to other issues such as Cricket) or EGOM ignores the absence of such important Minister.  This does not seem healthy.


13.  Some MNCs are importers and domestic purchasers


It is understood that some MNCs such as Cargil, Glencore, who have purchased wheat at Rs.6.50 to Rs.7.50 in 2006 and between Rs.7.75 and Rs.9 in 2007 from the domestic mandis/farmers, are supplying imported wheat at Rs.10 to Rs.16 – Annexure 12)..


It is unique that the procurement in April 2006 was at Rs.7/- and the import price of Tender No.1/2006 of February 2006 was around Rs.7.50.  While procurement price was Rs.8/-, import price is Rs.16/- in 2007.

In 18 months, the price of imported wheat increased from Rs.7.50 to Rs.16 while procurement price increased from Rs.7/- to Rs.8/- and the retail price in the market remained between Rs.9/- and Rs.10/- –Annexure 13.


14.  MNCs using FCI Godowns?


It is needed to be checked whether MNCs are using FCI godowns to stock their

domestic purchases – Annexure 14(i).


It is also needed to be checked whether there is any guideline regarding purchase,

sale, stock, hoarding of stocks by Corporates, MNCs under the Essential Commodities Act (implemented partly in few states).  Small traders are not allowed to stock wheat.  Are the MNCs, Corporates exempted? – Annexure 14(ii) – Reply to Lok Sabha Starred Question No.546 on 14.5.2007..


It is understood that MNCs and Corporates purchasing wheat directly from the farmers/mandis have just to file returns with the Ministry giving details about the quantity of purchase only.


15.  Manipulative cancellation of June 2007 Tender


Manipulative cancellation of Tender of Rs.10.67 and issuing fresh Tender at

Rs.13.67 – Annexure 15(i)

Full set of original complaint along with enclosures annexed. – Annexure 15(ii).


16.  Imported Wheat – Open Market Sale Tender – No response


Govt. tried to sell imported wheat in Open Market in February 2007.  Tenders were

Invited from private parties to purchase 4 lakh tons of imported wheat from

Government/FCI.  It is understood that due to “no/nil response” from private parties,

tenders wzere withdrawn/rejected – Annexure 16.


We are ready to explain the above issues in detail.


Thanking you,


Yours truly,




Ex Member of Parliament


9C, Neelam Nagar, Mulund East, Mumbai 400081.  Tel.: Tel.: 2163 9649 / 2163 4152 / (M) 9869220027

Fax No. 21637432   E-mail : kirit@vsnl.in; neelamnagar@rediffmail.com

Press Statement issued on 5 October 07 on ‘Wheat Scam : BJP moves Human Rights Commission


Click here for Marathi

BJP leader, Dr. Kirit Somaiya filed a Petition with the Maharashtra Human Rights Commission requesting to ask the State Government to stop distribution of inferior quality, unhygienic red imported wheat.  Dr. Somaiya is  joined by 2 more Petitioners – Shri Madhukar Khutade and Shri Harischandra Bhoye of Scheduled Tribe of Thane District.  The 82-page Petition is supported by 11 annexures/documents.

The Petitioners have made Govt. of Maharashtra, Chief Secretary, Secretaries of Civil Supplies Ministry and Ministry of Women & Child welfare, Collectors and Rationing Officers of Mumbai, Thane, Dule, Parbhani, Nandurbar and other districts as Respondents to the Petition.

The Petitioners stated that Maharashtra Govt. issued instructions in April 2007 not to distribute red imported wheat.  The Petitioners annexed the laboratory report of State Health Laboratory of Konkan Bhavan that the imported wheat distributed through Public Distribution System, ration shops are not as per PFA norms.  The Petitioners also attached the report of State Govt.’s Pune laboratory stating that the imported wheat, which is distributed through ration shops, is “not fit human consumption”.

In the month of April 2007, Mumbai Rationing Controller submitted a laboratory report to Govt. of Maharashtra stating that 229 out of 265 samples were found unfit for human consumption.  The Govt. issued order not to distribute such wheat.

Petitioners have submitted documentary evidence to the Human Rights Commission that, contrary to such instruction and order, sale and distribution of imported wheat is continued in Mumbai, Thane and other parts of Maharashtra.  Rationing Controller of Mumbai informed Dr. Somaiya that, during April and May 2007, the distribution of imported wheat was stopped.  But it is restarted from June 2007.  9363 tons of imported wheat being sold/distributed through ration shops for various schemes including Below Poverty Line, Antyodaya and Annuapurna.

The Petitioners have drawn the attention of the Commission that consumption of inferior quality of wheat is leading to health problem among the downtrodden and Scheduled Tribe.  Petitioners in their Prayer have requested :

1.       Govt. be directed to stop distribution of inferior quality of red imported wheat.

2.       Govt. be directed to submit all the laboratory reports obtained from Kokan Bhavan Public Health Laboratory.

3.       Govt. be directed to submit all the internal correspondence including request and instructions in connection with the above.

4.       Govt. be directed to give information how much wheat distributed under various Schemes all over Maharashtra?

5.       Govt. be asked to obtain Laboratory Reports from the samples obtained at the Point of Purchase.

6.       Govt. be asked to obtain Reports from Laboratory about the quality status and usable life of the wheat.  Reports be obtained that in how many days the red imported wheat required to be used.

7.       Petitioners seek direction from the Hon’ble Chairman against all the officers of the State Government and other organizations who are responsible for not only causing human sickness due to distribution of such wheat but also financial loss to the State and Central Governments on account of import of such wheat.

Press Secretary


Photographs : BJP activists lead by Kirit Somaiya visited Ration Shops having Infected-insected Red (imported) Wheat in Mumbai & Thane

BJP Activists lead by Dr. Kirit Somaiya, visited Ration Shops having infected – insected Red (Imported) Wheat. In all such horrible wheat lying in 550 Ration Shops in Mumbai and Thane.

Press Statement issued on 12 October 07-‘Govt. Sold 50000 Ton Rotten-infected Imported Wheat’

Click here for Marathi

The Govt. has now accepted that the quality of red imported wheat is horrible, infected, rotten but also issued orders to dispose of the same for the use of “dukkar-pig-animals”.  The order to dispose of the rotten wheat is given only for Mumbai region.  BJP leader, Dr. Kirit Somaiya questioned the Government, “are poor people from rural part, Scheduled Tribe, Below Poverty line, children not human beings?  Why they are treated as pigs/animals?”

The Congress-NCP UPA Govt. has ordered to dispose of 1775 tons of 25,000 ton shipment of rotten wheat.  23,225 tons wheat have been sold forcibly to the rural Adivasi areas of Thane, Nasik, Ratnagiri, Dhule, Nandurbar areas.  It is also distributed in other parts of India.  Today also this rotten wheat is being delivered from godowns of Nasik, Ratnagiri and other parts.

Day before yesterday, the State Govt. bowed down and ordered to dispose of 1775 tons of rotten wheat lying in 3000 ration shops of Mumbai.  In all 5,287 tons of rotten red imported wheat was allotted on 2nd March 2007 for Mumbai and Thane region.  The Mumbai Rationing Controller’s office took delivery of 3,127 tons.  265 samples from various ration shops were taken and tested in the State Govt. laboratory on 3rd April 2007.  229 were found “unfit for human consumption”.  The shocking truth is that, even after knowing the fact that the wheat is not fit for human consumption, the State Govt. forcibly sold 13,52,000 kgs of red imported wheat in Mumbai.

3 ships of Imported Wheat found “unit for human consumption”

BJP leader, Dr Kirit Somaiya at a Press Conference in Mumbai disclosed the information that, in all 3 shipments of imported wheat were found infected, “not fit for human consumption”.  The laboratory testing of the samples at the Port from the ship was done by official Govt. laboratories.  Only one shipment containing about 25,000 tons wheat was sent back to Russia. 

BJP wants Govt. to disclose details of total quantity, the company, the country of shipment of wheat from where the Mumbai wheat of March 2007 was delivered.         

BJP also wants Govt. to disclose all the information about the so-called rejected shipments including all the laboratory reports.

Rs.16/kg paid instead of Rs.10.60 to 2 Multinationals

The suspense about rejected Tender No.1 of 2007 of 1.6.2007 is becoming deeper.  The Food & Public Distribution Ministry of Govt. of India has scrapped the order/Tender without any scientific reason.  It is shocking that the same 2 Multinationals, Glencore and Toepfer were given order at Rs.16/kg for 7,90,000 tons red imported wheat in August 2007.

Surprisingly, the Multinationals importing wheat at Rs.16/- have paid Indian farmers at Rs.8/-.  The Govt. of India have also provided them facility of Food Corporation of India godowns for hoarding and trading of the Indian wheat.


$/ton Rs./kg


$/ton Rs./kg


Tender of May-June 2007







Tender of August 2007






Order Issued

BJP once again reiterated full-fledged investigation of the Rs.3,000 crore wheat scam. 

Press Secretary


Press Statement issued on 22 October 07 on ‘Wheat Scam : Why Govt. afraid of CBI Inquiry’

Sindhudurg Visit Presentation

Letter written to MoS for Civil Supply


Have the Food & Civil Supplies Ministers of Govt. of India and Govt. of Maharashtra lost control over their Ministries?  Are they misleading the country? asked BJP leader, Dr. Kirit Somaiya, ex MP, on the distribution of rotten infected red imported wheat.

On Saturday, 20th October, Dr. Kirit Somaiya along with BJP leaders of Sindhudurg visited ration shops of Banda, Dist. Sindhudurg.  He witnessed the on-going sale of horrible red imported wheat in Shop No.1 of Banda Consumers’ Society.  The wheat is fully infected, infested with insects.  Dr. Somaiya sealed 5 samples of the rotten wheat in the presence of Shopkeeper, Shri Vinayak Yedve, Panchnama signed by Shri Ashok Sawant, Dy. Sarpanch of Banda.

Dr. Somaiya along with BJP Spokesperson, Shri Madhav Bhandari, also visited the Government godown at Sawantwadi and found hundreds of bags of rotten red imported wheat lying in the godown.  Godown keeper, Shri Narvekar intimated that this rotten infected wheat is supplied through PDS shops in Sindhudurg Dist. for various BPL, Antyodaya and Annapurna Schemes.

5 sealed samples were obtained from the Govt. godown in the presence of godown keeper, Shri Narvekar.  The panchnama was signed by local residents.

The sealed samples of this wheat are submitted to Shri Sharad Pawar’s office at Delhi.  BJP also handed over similar sealed samples of the consumer shops and Govt. godown to the Minister of State of Civil Supplies of Maharashtra.  It is also being presented to the Human Rights Commission during the hearing to be held on 26th October 2007 at 11 AM in the room of the Chair Person of Maharashtra Human Rights Commission at CST.  The HRC has already issued notices to the Govt. of Maharashtra, Chief Secretary, Secretaries of Civil Supplies and Women & Child Development Departments.

BJP stated that the infected red imported wheat is continued to be sold forcibly all over Maharashtra.  It is surprising that the Union Minister for Food & Public Distribution and Govt. of Maharashtra have ordered to dispose of/throw away 1700 tons of such wheat lying in the ration shops in Mumbai.  But they have forcibly continued to sell the remaining portion of the same shipment/consignment of 23,000 tons in Maharashtra.  Actually, 3 shipments of 1,00,000 tons were declared “unfit for human consumption” by the Govt. of India laboratory.

BJP has asked for appointment with the Prime Minister on this issue.  BJP shall submit various samples of the rotten wheat to the Prime Minister.

BJP demands :

  1. Immediate order to stop distribution of rotten infected red imported wheat
  2. Laboratory testing of all such wheat lying in various godowns of Govt. of Maharashtra and FCI
  3. Laboratory testing of the wheat lying in various ration shops.

Action against officials/persons who have continued to sell this rotten wheat to the poor people of BPL, old people under Annapurna Scheme and the Scheduled Tribes.

Press Secretary