Vijay Mallya – Kingfisher / UB group Scam

Vijay Mallya – Kingfisher / UB group Scam

Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI ) informed me:

PwC Price Waterhouse Cooper Auditors Chartered Accountants found involved in 3 Major Scams

1. Ketan Parekh Scam of 2001

2. Satyam Scam 2005/2008

3. Mallya UB Kingfisher Scam 2010/2013

Inquiry and Disciplinary Action is still PENDING against PwC

13 years back JPC on Ketan Parekh GTB Global Trust Scam (Joint Parliament Committee) had recommended STRONG ACTION against PwC

But NOTHING happened till date with ICAI for matters pertaining to 2002-2003.

ICAI informed me in 2 page letter they are PURSUING

I have taken up the issue…will see appropriate ACTION against erring AUDITORS CA’s are taken.

Justice delayed is Justice denied