No 4G Towers in Gardens

Dr. Kirit Somaiya MP talked to Maharashtra Government Officials.
‎Appealed‬ Govt to amend March 2014 GR Government Circular.
Prithviraj Chavan government in March 2014 amended Green Laws-Development Guidelines declaring all Open Public Spaces including Gardens, Hospitals, Schools, Playgrounds shall be allowed to install 4G Towers by Mobile Telephone Companies.
Dr. Somaiya also appealed All Political Parties Leaders, Mayor, Deputy Mayor in BMC to reconsider their stand to allow installation of 4G Towers in Hospitals, Gardens, Schools etc.
4 Private Companies have come out with proposals to install 5000 4G Mobile Towers in such places.
As‬ BMC has given permission to 1 private company it will be mandatory for them to give permission to other companies.
‪Dr. ‎Somaiya‬ says “I am afraid gardens will become 4G Towers Garden”.