Today in Loksabha presented Report of the Committee in Parliament on Guidelines, Monitoring, Rating and Regulatory System »

Today on the last day of 16th Lok Sabha, Dr. Kirit Somaiya as the Chairperson of Parliamentary Committee on Labour, Textile and Skill

LokSabha passed Unregulated Deposit / Anti Ponzi Bill »

Today on Last Day of 16th LokSabha, LokSabha passed Unregulated Deposit/AntiPonzi Bill… I also participated/supported this bill. Our Mission, Fight against Ponzi/Bogus Chit

Dr . Kirit Somaiya on General Discussion on the Interim Budget for 2019-20 in Lok Sabha : 11.02.2019 »

55 साल या 55 महीने…

बजट भाषण के दौरान लोकसभा में आज मोदी सरकार की उपलब्धियाँ गिनाते हुए एक बार फिर किरीट सोमैया

मुलुंड स्थानक पादचारी पुल फेब्रवारीपर्यंत चालू होणार »

Mulund station Foot over bridge work on final stage, pillar and girders installation done. Work be completed by end of Feb. 


Presented 7 Reports of Labour Committee in Loksabha »

As Chairman of Labour Committee of Parliament, I presented Report No 46 to 52, total 7 Reports of the Committee in LokSabha today

मुलुंड पूर्व गव्हाणपाडा येथील गार्डन चे उद्घाटन आणि लोकार्पण »

4 Feb, 2019
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मुलुंड पूर्व गव्हाणपाडा येथील गार्डन चे उद्घाटन आणि लोकार्पण