Maharashtra Gow Vansh Hatya Pratibandh 1995 Act (amendment) ko Manyata

‪Govt‬ of India today informed Maharashtra Govt that Rashtrapati & Modi Sarkar have given consent to Maharashtra Govt Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Bill 1995
‎Actually‬ the Bill-Act was sent to GOI for Consent as the subject is under Concurrent List
‎GOI‬ asked some clarification from GOM
Congress NCP government of Maharashtra set on the Bill for years
‎New‬ Govt in Maharashtra lead by Devendra Fadnavis passed resolution in Cabinet on 12 November 2014 and asked GOI to give its Consent
We were rigorously pursuing it with GOI
‎Now‬ the amendment bill is becoming act
Now Gow Vansh slaughtering will b prohibited totally in Maharashtra
Copy of Objects & Reasons attached