1489 Ponzy/Bogus Chitfund Companies in India

1489 Ponzy/Bogus Chitfund Companies in India

SEBI, Finance Ministry, State Police, RBI have list of 1489 Companies which are looting Small Investors

245 of these are Big Ponzy/Illegal Collective Schemes SEBI investigating, while other 1244 companies list handed over to various State Governments for investigation & action

Maharashtra have 232 such Ponzy, Bogus Chitfund Companies.

After My consistent efforts for last 1 year now such data being compiled and discussed at the High Level Committees of SEBI, RBI, MCA, Finance Ministry, State Chief Secretaries….

The official/authentic list of the above companies are attached herewith.

I request Small Investors to be cautious while dealing with such companies. Companies offering abnormal returns, annual returns of 20 to 30%, agency commission of 15% to 25% are nothing but fraud

President Investors Grievances Forum

Prominent Ponzy/Bogus Chitfund Companies of Maharashtra :

1. SPH group… SPH Club…SPH Home Product…

2. Atharv4U group

3 Taj Films, Taj Housing, Taj Life, Taj Active Pharma…

4 Twinkle Group

5 N Mart Retail

6 Scenic Land, Scenic Acres, Scenic Enterprise……

7 Citrus Resort, Citrus Group

8 Mirah Decor, Mirah Hospitality….. Mirch Group

9 Maitrey Group

10 Guruprasad Estate.

11 Aryarup Tourism

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